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How does your business website look on a smartphone? Did the website resize to fit the smartphone? Were you able to read text without having to zoom in? Most older websites were designed for desktops only and are unreadable on a smartphone. Non-responsive websites can be frustrating to navigate on a smartphone, and customers will click away to the competitors site. A website that is not mobile-friendly is no longer effective.

Mobile is growing and changing the way we do business. In 2015, Google announced that the number of search queries on mobile devices exceeded those on desktops. In April 2015, Google stated that they were changing their search algorithm to give responsive or mobile-friendly websites a higher search ranking. Google recommends Responsive Web Design (RWD). Since Google is the largest search engine, this makes responsive website design essential for a business website to rank well on Google and for search engine optimization(SEO).

Responsive website design provides a positive user experience for all users. Today, users can access the web on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Responsive websites use the same HTML code and a single URL for devices of all sizes. There is no need to have a seperate website for mobile devices. There is only one version of the website to maintain. A responsive website is flexible and designed to respond to the size of the viewing device. A responsive website will scale to fit the size of the viewing device and provides a positive user experience to all users. The text will be easy to read and the navigation, images and graphics will all resize to look good on smartphones and devices of all sizes. A business website must be responsive to provide an optimum user experience for customers on all screen sizes and devices.

Gold Mango Design develops responsive websites that scale to look great on devices of all sizes from smartphones to tablets to desktops. If you have an older website that was designed for desktops only and is unreadable on a smartphone, it may be time to consider a responsive website design. Contact us and let us start planning a new responsive website for your business.

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