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Gold Mango Design is a PPC or Pay Per Click management company located in Plano, TX, right outside Dallas. We specialize in PPC marketing and management of Google Ads PPC campaigns. Our PPC Campaigns are highly targeted and optimized to increase leads and improve conversions while reducing costs. We are Google Ads certified.

Google Ads PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is a paid search marketing service offered by Google. Google Ads was previously called Google AdWords and renamed to Google Ads in 2018.

According to a recent statistic,
63% of people said they’d click on a Google Ad. (Search Engine Land, 2019)

We develop Google Ads PPC campaigns that are customized to your business goals and highly targeted to your customers. We do extensive keyword research to ensure that the keywords used in the Google Ads PPC campaigns and the Ads are relevant to your business and customer search terms. This maximizes Ad coverage while minimizing expenses.

Plano, TX, PPC Management and Marketing Services

We offer complete PPC marketing and management services for small and medium businesses in Plano, Dallas and surrounding areas. We also serve businesses across the US.

We are Google Ads certified by Google. We are qualified to grow your business on the web using Google Ads.

Our PPC management and marketing services include:

  • Development and Implementation of Paid Search marketing campaigns
  • Development of Google Ads PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising Campaigns
  • PPC Campaign management and optimization to improve clicks & impressions & decrease costs
  • Extensive keyword research to select the correct keywords
  • Creation of effective PPC Ads
  • Landing page optimization services to improve website conversions
  • Detailed Monthly performance reports

PPC Campaign Management Process

We believe in complete transparency. We will keep you updated about campaign performance with monthly reports and regular contact.

Our PPC management and marketing process includes:

  • Review Your Business and Target Market
    We will begin with a full review of your business and target customers. This will help us to select the right keywords and create your PPC campaigns.
  • PPC Account Review
    If you have an existing PPC account, we will review your PPC account to determine the improvements that we can make to your PPC campaign.
  • Website Review
    We will review your website to determine if there are changes needed to improve the website or landing pages. We will also select key web pages to link to from the PPC ads.
  • Extensive Keyword Research of keywords that are relevant to your business
    We will research and select keywords that are relevant to your business and products and services.
  • Development of a new PPC Advertising Campaign or improve on an existing PPC Campaign
    We will develop a new PPC marketing campaign and PPC Ads for your business, or select areas for improvement on an existing PPC campaign.
  • PPC Strategy and implementation of your Google Ads PPC campaign
    We will develop a targeted marketing strategy for your PPC campaign to increase leads and conversions.
  • Landing page optimization recommendations to increase website conversions
    We will evaluate your landing pages and make recommendations for improvement. A strong landing page helps to improve the quality score of your PPC ads. This helps to increase your ad position in the ad auctions, increases the number of times your ads are shown and decreases the cost per click.
  • PPC Campaign monitoring and continual adjustment to increase CTR (click through rate) and decrease CPC (cost per click)
    We will continually monitor and improve your PPC campaign, Ads and keywords to increase impressions and click-through-rate and reduce costs.
  • Monthly reporting on the performance of your campaign
    Every month we will send you a report on campaign performance and key performance indicators. This includes the clicks, impressions and click through rate of your campaigns so you are fully updated on campaign progress.

What You Can Expect From Us For PPC Campaign Management

  • Complete Transparency
    We will keep you constantly updated about your PPC campaign so there are never any surprises.
  • Complete access to your PPC Account at all times
    Through all aspects of the PPC campaign, you will have full access to your PPC account.
  • Detailed Monthly performance reports
  • We are available to answer any questions
  • Customized and highly targeted PPC strategies
  • No long contracts
  • All PPC accounts are setup and managed in Plano, Texas

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We are thankful to Tanuja Mahdavi at Gold Mango Design LLC, a digital marketing company based in Plano, TX. We needed help with Google Ads PPC marketing and Tanuja worked closely with us to build and launch a successful Google Ads PPC marketing campaign for our business. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend her.”

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How Does Google Ads PPC Marketing Work?

Google Ads is the most popular method of PPC marketing today.

Effective Google Ads marketing is based on selecting the right keywords that a customer might use to search for your products or services online.

When a customer performs an online search using one of these keywords, your PPC Ads will be shown on the Google search results page (SERP). Your Ad will need to meet certain Ad rank thresholds set by Google to be shown on the search results.

When the customer selects your Ad and clicks on it, he will be taken directly to your website.

Since this is pay-per-click marketing, Google will charge you each time a customer clicks on your Ad. You are not charged for the number of times the Ads are displayed on the search results or the Ad impressions.

A Google Ads PPC campaign may take about 30-45 days to show results.

How Does Google Select Which PPC Ads to Display and the Ad Positions?

Google’s search algorithms are complex and constantly changing. To provide their customers with the best user experience and most relevant information for their search, Google uses an Ad auction to pick relevant ads to show on a search results page.

When a customer searches for a specific keyword like “restaurants near me”, the Google search index will go through its directory of websites to identify all the websites that are relevant to this search term.

If there are 10 websites with corresponding PPC ads that are all relevant to the customer’s search term, Google will have to determine which ads to show on the first page of the search results.

To select the top ads, Google puts all the qualified ads in an Ad auction and grades them on Ad Rank and Quality Score. The ads with the highest Ad Rank get shown on the top of all the other PPC ads for that search term.

The exact ad selection process can get pretty complicated, but factors that will influence your Ad Rank and if your ad is selected to be shown on the Google search results pages include:

Your bid – the maximum amount you are willing to pay for someone to click on your ad and go to your website.
Ad relevancy – how relevant your ad is to the customer’s search term.
Landing page experience – the experience provided by your website landing page when the customer clicks through to your website.
Expected CTR (click-through-rate)- this is based on historical information for your account collected by Google Ads.
Ad formats- the use of ad extensions in your PPC ads and how many ad extensions you use.

After going through this complex auction process, the winning ads will be shown above and below the organic search rankings on the search results pages(SERP).

PPC Management Service Areas and More Services

We provide PPC management and marketing services in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Dallas and surrounding areas in the Dallas area. We also provide PPC services to customers across the USA.

In addition to PPC Management services, we also provide SEO (search engine optimization) services, local SEO, Website development, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing Consulting services and more.

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