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Dallas Web Design, Rafsontech, Dallas, TX


Dallas Website Development – Rafson Technologies, Dallas, Texas

Rafson Technologies is an IT Consulting services company in Dallas, TX. They provide IT consulting services and specialize in Database Administration, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Rafson Technologies requested our expertise for website design and development of a new mobile-friendly and responsive website to promote their IT consulting business in Dallas.

Gold Mango Design LLC. designed and developed a new WordPress website for Rafson Technologies which is mobile-friendly and fully responsive. The responsive web design enables the website to scale in size and perform well on devices of all sizes from desktops to laptops, tablets and smartphones. The website is fully customized to their business branding and goals.

Mobile-friendly and responsive websites are essential today because customers primarily use mobile devices to search the web. Mobile-friendly websites are also necessary to rank well for SEO(search engine optimization) rankings in the search engines like Google. Google gives mobile-friendly websites a higher search ranking in their search listings. Mobile-friendly websites have become more important now as Google plans to switch all websites to their mobile-first search index in September, 2020.

Responsive web design is recommended by Google for mobile-friendly websites. With responsive web design, the same website will look good and perform well on devices of all sizes including mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. A responsive website will provide a great user experience to customers regardless of which device they are using to browse the web.

The website provides more information about their IT consulting, Database Management and Data Analytics services. Visit their new mobile-friendly responsive website today.

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