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We offer Google Analytics services including Google Analytics account set-up, account audits, optimization, management and consulting services. We are Google Analytics certified.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google. It enables you to track how visitors are interacting with your website, your site performance and traffic. This information will help you provide your visitors with a better user experience and improve your website and conversions.

Your business website must have Google Analytics tracking turned on to track how visitors are using your website, how they find your site and the number of conversions.

Have you ever wondered where your website traffic is coming from? Which marketing channels are providing the best ROI? How you can improve your website to increase leads and conversions?

Google Analytics provides a lot of insight into your website performance. Some of the information provided by Google Analytics includes:

  • sources of website traffic
  • number of site visitors
  • website bounce rate
  • geographic locations visitors are coming from
  • referral sources – how your visitors find you
  • landing pages
  • exit pages
  • how much time visitors are spending on your site
  • how they travel through your site
  • number of conversions

Tracking your website data with Google Analytics is essential to improve your online performance. This valuable data can help you improve your website performance, improve user experience, increase your conversion rate and sales and optimize your marketing strategy.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console Account Set-Up and Management Services

Google Analytics Account Setup

We will set up and configure your Google Analytics Account and install the Google Analytics tracking codes on your website. Your website will then begin to collect information about how your visitors are using your site and your site traffic.

We will also set up Google Search Console to track your website performance.

We are Google Analytics certified by Google.

Google Analytics Audit Services

If you have Google Analytics already setup on your website, we will review your Analytics account to make sure it is configured correctly. We will review and set up the correct tracking codes and conversion tracking to align with your business goals.

Google Analytics Consulting and Management Services

We offer Google Analytics consulting and management services. We will first identify your business goals and target customers. We will then evaluate your existing Google Analytics account and make recommendations for improvement. We will analyze your account including traffic sources, visitors, marketing channels, landing pages, exit pages, bounce rate and other key metrics. We will set up conversion goals to track website conversions. We will manage your website analytics and send you monthly reports. We will also identify any website issues that need to be addressed to improve website performance.

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