Google Ads PPC Marketing and Management

Google Ads PPC Marketing, Plano, TX

Google Ads PPC marketing or pay-per-click marketing is a paid search marketing service offered by Google. Google Ads was previously called Google AdWords.

Google Ads PPC marketing enables businesses to run paid search and display ads on Google’s network. The PPC ads are displayed on Google’s search results pages if they meet the required criteria. The Google Ads PPC ads can also be shown on Google’s partner websites that are part of the Google search and display advertising network.

PPC (Pay per Click) Management and Marketing Services, Plano, TX

Gold Mango Design offers PPC marketing and management services for small and medium businesses in Plano, Dallas, Richardson, Allen, Frisco, McKinney and surrounding areas in Dallas. We also serve businesses across the US.

We are Google Ads certified by Google. We are qualified to grow your business on the web using Google Ads.

Our PPC management and marketing services include:

  • Google Ads PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising Campaign Setup
  • Monthly PPC Campaign management and optimization to improve clicks & impressions & decrease costs
  • Comprehensive keyword research to select the correct keywords for your business
  • Development of effective PPC Ads
  • PPC Landing page optimization services
  • Detailed Monthly performance reports

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How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing or PPC is an effective method of paid search advertising that can bring targeted customers to your website and increase traffic, leads and sales.

With Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing, you pay Google only when a customer clicks on your Google Ads PPC ads. You are not charged for the PPC ad impressions or the number of times the Google Ads PPC ads are shown to customers.

You will need to open a Google Ads account with Google. We will set up and manage the Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing campaign with relevant keywords and PPC ads for your business. We do detailed keyword research to select keywords specific to your business.

When customers search online using search terms that match the keywords, your Google Ads PPC ads will display on Google search results pages with links to your website. The ads are usually displayed on the top or bottom of the search results pages on Google. When the customer views the PPC ad and clicks on it, they will be taken to your website.

Search Marketing Methods- The Difference Between SEO and PPC

Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are two methods of search marketing. Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing is different from SEO because it is Paid Search Marketing- you have to pay Google to run the ads.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization rankings are free or “organic” search rankings. With SEO, you optimize your website for the search engines and if your site satisfies Google’s complex search algorithms, you will be able to improve your search rankings in Google’s search results. SEO is a long-term approach to building your website search rankings. Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing is a quick way to show your ads and can be used as a short term advertising campaign.

Benefits Of Google Ads PPC or Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  • PPC Advertising is Quicker To Rank On Google Than SEO
    Google Ads(AdWords) PPC advertising should be done in addition to your website SEO strategy. For a new website starting out with an SEO campaign, SEO rankings can take several months for your top keywords. You can run a Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing campaign and have your ads showing on the top pages of Google even when your website is new. This ensures that you are getting brand visibility while waiting for your website to rank for SEO.
  • PPC Ads Will Attract Targeted Customers To Your Website
    A Google Ads Pay Per Click marketing campaign is focused on keywords that are relevant to your business. When a customer searches on Google using one of the targeted keywords, your PPC ads are triggered to show on the Google search results pages. When the customer clicks on the PPC ad, they are sent to your website. In this way, PPC ads send targeted customers to your website.
  • PPC Advertising Can Be Run On Any Budget
    PPC Ad campaigns can be run on any size budget and started and stopped at any time. They can also be run locally or nationally.

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