7 Digital Marketing Tips For The Holidays

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here! Here are 7 digital marketing tips for the holidays that you can use to make your digital marketing campaigns brighter this holiday season.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made digital marketing essential to reach customers at home. The pandemic has changed a lot of our shopping behavior. Online shopping and e-commerce have boomed. We are all getting used to placing online orders for groceries and using curbside pickup.

According to Google,
• 69% of Americans plan to shop online this year.
• 62% of shoppers plan to start holiday shopping earlier to avoid crowds.
• Searches for “available near me” grew 100% year over year.
• 4 out of 5 customers use search engines to search for local information including store address, hours, directions and product availability.

7 Digital Marketing Tips For the Holidays to Brighten the Season

1. Update Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free online business profile provided by Google. It allows you to manage how your business information appears on Google Search and Google Maps. It helps customers find your business when they search on Google.

Updating your Google My Business profile is a quick digital marketing strategy with significant gains. A Google My Business profile is essential for a local business to reach local customers. It is also important to improve your local SEO (search engine optimization) rankings.

Google My Business has added several new Covid-19 features this year. This enables businesses to keep customers informed of any changes to their business hours or services due to the pandemic.

You should update your Google My Business profile with:
• Changes in your business information so that it appears on Google Search and Maps when people search for your business.
• A business description and all relevant business categories.
• A list of all your products and services along with pictures.
• Your business contact information and hours so that customers can visit, call and message your business.
• Photos about your business and team.
• Weekly posts about your business. Posts can include Covid-19 updates, offers, products or events.
• A link to your website for more information or to make a purchase.
• Special attributes like “black-owned”, “women-led” and more.

The new Google My Business Covid-19 features enable you to:
• Update changes in business hours, closures, special hours, senior hours or reduced hours.
• List services such as dining, take-out, curb-side pickup, outdoor seating options and more.
• List online services such as virtual appointments, online classes and estimates.
• Post Covid-19 updates such as Covid-19 safety and hygiene practices, closures or other information.
• Healthcare providers can use the Covid-19 information link on your profile to link to a Covid-19 page on your website. On your website, you can provide information on Covid-19 testing, in-person office hours and Covid-19 hotline information.
• New health and safety attributes are now available. Food, retail and service businesses can use these attributes to show Covid-19 restrictions such as:

  • Masks required for customers and staff.
  • Temperature checks required.
  • Appointments required.

In addition to Google My Business, you should also update your Microsoft Bing Places and Yelp profiles as well.

For more information on the new Google My Business features for 2020 and Covid-19, read our blog post on New Google My Business Features for Covid-19 and 2020

2. Increase Your Google Ads PPC Marketing Campaigns

If you are currently running a Google Ads PPC (pay per click) marketing campaign, another digital marketing tip with maximum impact is to increase your Google Ads PPC marketing campaigns for the holidays.

You can
• Increase your monthly Ad budget to show more Ads during the holidays.
• Increase bids on your PPC ads so that the Ads are shown more competitively and in higher positions.
• Increase the geographic locations where your Ads are shown.
• Increase the hours when your Ads run.
• Add Ad campaigns to target more products or services, or holiday specials.
• Add more keywords to your Ad campaigns to increase targeting.
• Add more Ads with holiday themes.
• Add new Ad extensions for holiday promotions and sales.
• Add Call Ads to increase calls to your business.

Google Ads works along with an existing SEO strategy to increase leads and conversions. The ideal digital marketing strategy uses a combined search marketing strategy of SEO and PPC to reach customers and maximize leads.

For more information on Google Ads PPC marketing, read our blog post on What is Google Ads PPC Marketing and How it Helps Your Business

3. Use A Remarketing Campaign in Google Ads To Reach More Customers

If you are running a Google Ads marketing campaign, a digital marketing strategy for the holidays is to add a remarketing campaign.

A remarketing campaign allows you to reach customers who visited your website and never completed a purchase. These customers will be added to your remarketing audience.

When these customers search online on Google for products or services you sell, they will be shown your remarketing Ads to encourage them to visit your site again and complete a purchase.

Google requires a minimum number of users before remarketing search or display Ads will show. However, if your website gets enough traffic, remarketing is a great way to get customers back to complete a purchase.

4. Optimize Website Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

Customers land on your website landing page when they click through from a Google PPC Ad or a Microsoft Bing Ad. Your website landing pages are important to provide customers with information about your products or services and increase leads, conversions and sales.

Updating and optimizing your website landing pages that are used for your Google Ads PPC marketing campaigns is another quick digital marketing win.

Here are some digital marketing tips for your landing pages:
• Your landing page for a Google Ads PPC campaign must be specific to your PPC ads. Visitors who click on an Ad should be directed to a specific landing page with information about the product or service being advertised. This helps to increase leads and conversions.
• Your landing page must have a compelling headline. The text on the landing page should match the text on the ad.
• Your landing page must load fast. Display fast-loading images on the landing page that are relevant to the Ad.
• Use a simple contact form on the landing page to collect customer information.
• Have compelling call-to-action buttons.
• Your website and landing page must be mobile-friendly and responsive.

For more information, read our post on 11 Tips to Optimize Your Website Landing Page for Conversions and Mobile

5. Update Your Website and Increase Traffic to Increase Leads and Conversions

Your website needs to be updated and ready for the holidays. A website also needs to get sufficient traffic from target customers to be effective in increasing leads, conversions and sales.

Your website must be mobile-friendly and responsive since most people are searching the web on mobile devices.

E-commerce and online shopping have boomed during the pandemic as people shop from home.

You can use several different marketing strategies to increase holiday traffic to your website to increase conversions and sales.

• If your website is SEO-optimized, you can use SEO to improve organic search rankings for important keywords.
• Use local SEO optimization to improve local search rankings and reach local customers. This includes optimizing your Google My Business profile and making sure online directory listings are consistent.
• Increase social media marketing on all your social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.
• Post useful and relevant blog posts regularly to attract customers to your website. This also helps to improve SEO rankings.
• Increase paid search advertising such as Google Ads PPC marketing or Microsoft Bing Ads.
• Get referral traffic from other websites or blogs.
• Make use of email marketing and send out newsletters to encourage people to visit your website.
• Make sure your website loads fast. Most websites lose 50% of their traffic because they take too long to load.
• Track your website performance regularly with Google Analytics and Google Search Console and fix any issues.

For more information, read our post on 11 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

6. Send Out Marketing Emails to Connect with Your Customers

Another quick and effective digital marketing tip for the holidays is email marketing. Email marketing is a very effective way to connect with customers.

If you have been in regular contact with your mailing list subscribers throughout the year, they already know your business. Send out a newsletter to your mailing list with your special holiday offers and promotions.

Estimates indicate that email engagement rates increased during Covid-19 as customers stayed home.

According to Hubspot,
• 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.
• 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.

7. Increase Social Media Marketing to Engage with Customers

Another effective digital marketing tip is to increase social media posts for the holidays.

Increase social media marketing on all of your social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

Use social media posts to share information about holiday special offers and promotions.

You can also use paid social marketing to reach customers on Twitter, Facebook and others.


These digital marketing tips for the holidays will help to increase traffic, leads, conversions and sales. These holiday marketing tips will help to enhance your existing digital marketing campaigns and make them shine for the holiday season.

We hope you find these 7 digital marketing tips for the holidays helpful for your holiday marketing strategies.


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