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Digital Marketing Consulting Services, Plano, TX

Increase Traffic, Leads and Conversions With an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Gold Mango Design provides Digital Marketing Consulting services to businesses in Plano, Dallas and elsewhere in the USA. We serve businesses in Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, North Dallas, Dallas and the rest of the USA.

As digital marketing consultants, we work closely with our clients to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is aligned with your online marketing goals. We work on your projects ourselves to ensure a high quality of work.

Let us help you improve your existing digital marketing strategy. We will work with you to evaluate your digital marketing goals, your existing website and digital marketing strategy and assist you with the best online marketing solutions for your business.

We specialize in Google Ads PPC(pay per click) marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), Local SEO, Google Analytics, Website design and development, WordPress websites and more.

We are Google Ads certified and Google Analytics certified by Google.

Digital marketing changes constantly. We are up to date with the latest technologies and practices in digital marketing so that we can guide you in the right marketing strategies.

Every Business Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy

Every business needs to have an effective digital marketing strategy to stay competitive. The majority of customers search online for products and services. If you are not online, you are losing a large number of potential customers and sales.

According to estimates,

85% of customers today begin their search for products and services on the internet.

In 2020, 93% of US consumers searched online for a local business (BrightLocal local consumer survey).

Plano Digital Marketing Consulting Services We Offer

Here are some of the web design and digital Marketing consulting services we offer in Plano TX.

SEO and Local SEO Strategies

Search marketing is a powerful method to increase leads, conversions and targeted website traffic and reach customers who are searching online. In addition to being responsive and mobile-friendly, your website must be optimized for SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO improves your website’s organic search rankings on Google and other search engines. Your website needs to rank in the top pages of Google so that customers can find you when they search online for your products and services.

Search listings are very competitive on Google and SEO optimization of a website is essential for it to rank on the top pages.

A Local SEO strategy is essential for local businesses to reach local customers. This includes Google My Business optimization and local SEO optimization of your website to rank well in the organic search listings on Google, Google Maps and the local pack.

Google Ads PPC Marketing and Paid Search Strategies

A Google Ads (formerly Adwords) Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaign uses paid search marketing to help you reach targeted customers who are searching online.

PPC ads are displayed on Google’s search results pages above and below the organic search results. Pay Per Click marketing is a paid search marketing method. It is a quick and very effective method to send targeted traffic to your website based on search terms customers are using to search for your products or services.

We provide PPC management and PPC marketing services. We are Google Ads certified specialists.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to analyze your website performance and the performance of marketing campaigns like SEO and Google Ads.

Google Analytics tracking and management will provide valuable insights into your website performance and how visitors interact with your website. This helps you identify any issues and correct them to improve your website performance and search rankings.It also provides information about your website traffic and marketing channels.

We are Google Analytics certified specialists.

Web Design and Development

Your internet marketing strategy begins with a responsive and mobile-friendly website. Your website is the foundation of your internet marketing strategy.

A majority of online searches today are made using mobile devices. Your website must be mobile-friendly to reach mobile users. Your website should have responsive design and perform well on devices of all sizes including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

In addition to the above methods, you may need other digital marketing methods such as conversion optimization, page speed optimization, technical SEO and content marketing to attract more targeted visitors to your website and increase leads, conversions and sales.

Digital marketing changes rapidly. As consultants, we stay up to date with the latest digital marketing strategies. We work closely with your business as your digital marketing team.

Digital Marketing & Web Design Consulting Services, Plano TX

Our digital marketing and web design consulting services in Plano and the Dallas metroplex covers the following areas:

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