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We offer custom website design for small to medium business websites. Custom websites require a lot of design, planning and development and we work closely with the client throughout the process. A custom website will be hand-coded and developed to your specific requirements using HTML5 and CSS3. We design custom responsive websites using responsive web design.

Custom websites are designed and developed from scratch. We do not use any templates and the website is one-of-a-kind and totally unique. We use the latest web technologies to build your custom website.

Custom websites are not as easy for clients to maintain as WordPress websites. Website updates will require knowledge of web software. However, we offer website update services. When you need your custom website updated, we can assist you on a regular schedule or as needed. We charge an hourly rate for web update services.

We designed and developed our Gold Mango Design website. It is a completely custom and fully responsive website. Take a look at it on different devices like your smartphone, tablet and desktop. Contact us if you would like a custom website developed for your business.

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