WordPress Blogs: How To Publish Posts On Your WordPress Blog

You have a new WordPress website with a blog for your business. You have all these great ideas for posts and you are ready to start adding posts to it. The problem is you don’t know how to post to your new WordPress blog.

Creating posts on your WordPress blog is not hard and gets easier after you post a few times. In my last article, WordPress Websites: Difference Between WordPress.com & WordPress.org , I wrote about WordPress website options that are available. In this article, I show you how to publish posts to your new WordPress blog.

Adding Posts To Your WordPress Blog

Follow these steps to add posts to your new WordPress blog.

  1. Login to your WordPress website with your wordpress username and password.

    To access your WordPress admin, type in www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin/

    Then enter your user name and password in the WordPress box that comes up.

  2. This will take you to the WordPress “Dashboard”- the control center of your website.

  3. On the left sidebar of the Dashboard, click on “Posts”.

  4. Click on “Add New”(on the top of the page). This brings up the “Add New Post” page. See the image on this page. My post page may look a little different than yours.

  5. Creating WordPress Posts

    Creating WordPress Posts

  6. Enter the title of your post in the title box.

  7. Enter your post content in the content box.

    There are 2 editing modes available to you to enter the content. The “Visual” mode is the easy one and lets you view the post as it is. It has formatting options similar to word processing software like Microsoft Word.

    The “Text” mode is a little more advanced and is good to use if you are familiar with html tags. I have provided a link to a WordPress.org article at the bottom of this page that will give you more information on using Visual mode vs Text mode.

  8. Add categories to your post. On the right sidebar, under categories, click “add new category”. Then use a descriptive topic for your category. For example, if you were writing about the olympics, your category could be Rio Olympics.

  9. Add tags to your post. On the right sidebar, under tags, enter a descriptive tag for your post and click “Add”. If you were writing about the olympics like in the example above, your tag could be swimming or gymnastics- which best describes your post.

  10. I will discuss adding images to your post in a separate article.

  11. Its very important in WordPress to “Save or Update” everytime you make any changes. Otherwise you will lose your changes. So, now that you are done writing your post , click on “Save Draft”.

  12. Click on “Preview”. A new window will pop up and you will be able to see your post like it would appear on your website.

  13. To make changes, click on “Edit Post” at the top of the page. This will let you edit the post. Once done, remember to click “Save Draft”. You can then “Preview” again. Click “Edit Post” to go back to the post page.

  14. Once you are done editing your post and you are ready to publish it, click on “Save Draft” and then “Publish”.

  15. Your post is now published on your website.

  16. Your post will be listed on your blog page along with your other posts. Go to the blog page of your website to view it.

  17. Well Done! You just posted your first article to your new WordPress blog!

How To Turn Comments Off

You can “allow comments” on your posts or turn them off. Allowing comments usually results in a lot of spam, so I generally keep comments turned off.

Here are the steps to turn off comments on your blog posts,

  • go to your WordPress Dashboard again
  • Click on Posts. You will see a page listing all your posts.
  • Move your mouse cursor under the Post that you want to turn comments off
  • When you see ‘Quick Edit” under the post, Click on “Quick Edit”
  • Then uncheck “Allow Comments”

We hope you found this article helpful. Please continue to check our blog for more articles.

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