10 Benefits of A WordPress Website for Your Business

A WordPress website provides many powerful features and benefits for business websites and blogs.

WordPress started in 2003. It is now used by 28% of the web and powers over 60 million websites today.

The Benefits of a WordPress Website

Here are some of the benefits of having a self-hosted WordPress website for your business.

1. WordPress is Flexible

WordPress is very flexible and can be used for a blog or a large full-featured business website.

There are a number of large corporations that use WordPress for their websites. You can view some of their websites on the wordpress.org showcase at this link: https://wordpress.org/showcase/

2. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

A business website must be Mobile-friendly and Responsive today. Mobile devices have become more popular than computers. A website that is not mobile-friendly will fail to reach the growing number of mobile customers.

A WordPress website must be designed using a mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress theme. A responsive website will adapt and change its format to perform well on devices of all sizes – from desktops, and laptops to tablets and mobile devices.

A Google report on “How People Use Their Devices” found that Mobile Devices are used by a majority of users on an average day.

Here are the mobile device usage numbers from the report,

  • 27% or 1 in 4 users use only smartphones
  • 80% of all users use smartphones
  • 94% of users browse the web in an average day
  • 71% browse on smartphones or computers
  • 25% browse on smartphones only

3. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress websites have many SEO benefits and are designed to be very search engine friendly.

In a WordPress website, the urls can be structured to be SEO-friendly and easy to read. The title tags, meta descriptions and images of the website content can be SEO-optimized. This helps WordPress web pages to rank well on search engines like Google for your chosen keywords.

Having a blog on your website and publishing articles regularly is also very important for SEO.

4. Fully Customizable

A WordPress website can be fully customized to represent your business branding and colors. There are thousands of premium WordPress themes available that can be used to make the website completely customized and unique.

5. Easy to Add Functionality

An important benefit of a WordPress website is that it is easy to add functionality. There are thousands of software plug-ins available that make it easy to extend the functionality of your website.

Plugins can extend the functionality of the website in different ways. Plugins can be used to integrate the website with an email platform such as MailChimp.

6. E-commerce capable

If you need an online store on your website, e-commerce functionality and a shopping cart can be added to a WordPress website using WooCommerce. The website can also be integrated with payment gateways.

7. WordPress is User-Friendly

WordPress is a content management system that is very user-friendly. A WordPress website has a dashboard from where you can add blog posts and pages to your website and monitor for software updates.

8. Publishing Tools and Blogging function

WordPress has publishing tools that make it easy to publish blog posts without having to learn any code. You can also schedule your blog posts with scheduling tools.

A blog on a business website is useful in many ways. Publishing regular blog articles on your products or services helps with SEO to improve search rankings. A blog also helps to increase website traffic by bringing your visitors back regularly to read your blog articles.

The WordPress dashboard enables you to add blog posts and images easily to your blog.

WordPress website - Creating Blog Posts

Creating WordPress Blog Posts

9. User management

WordPress allows you to assign different levels of access to different users. This ensures that a user only has access to the information that he needs in his role. This is useful if you have multiple authors posting articles to your site.

If you are the only user of your website, only you and your admin should have access to the website for complete security.

The different user roles in WordPress include:

  • Subscriber – This role is good for returning visitors who are already registered and do not want to enter all their information again.
  • Contributor – This is the next level of user. They can create new posts but cannot publish them to the site.
  • Author – Authors can create posts and publish them.
  • Editor – The Editor can modify any content on the site but does not have access to the themes or plugins.
  • Admin – The admin is the highest level and has complete access to the website. They can modify users, themes, plugins and any of the content. For website security, the admin should have secure passwords.

10. Software Updates for Website Security

WordPress software is open-source software that is constantly updated for enhanced security and functionality. WordPress themes and plugins are also constantly updated.

Notifications about available updates are visible on your WordPress dashboard.

Websites, like computers, need regular maintenance and updates to stay secure. It is important to keep updating your WordPress website on a regular basis to keep your website secure.

It is essential to use strong passwords and keep your WordPress software, themes and plugins up to date to ensure that your website is secure.
Unused themes and plugins should be deleted.

Website maintenance and updates should be scheduled on a regular basis with your web developer.

The Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

When considering a WordPress website, many people get confused between WordPress.org and WordPress.com websites.

WordPress.org websites are self-hosted websites that are hosted on the web host of your choice. These websites use the WordPress.org software but are hosted on your web hosting company. This gives you complete control over the website and its functionality. This is the recommended option for a business website.

The benefits I listed above are for self-hosted WordPress.org websites.

WordPress.com is a WordPress hosting platform run by Automattic that hosts websites for you. WordPress.com websites are fully hosted on the WordPress.com platform. WordPress.com is a paid hosting service which may be fine for a basic blog or website. This option is not recommended for a full-featured business website.

For more information on the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com hosting options, read my article: WordPress Websites: Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org


A WordPress website has many benefits and features that make it a powerful and versatile choice for a business website.

A self-hosted WordPress website is mobile-friendly, responsive and SEO-friendly. It is extendable with plug-ins and fully customizable. It is very user-friendly and easy to update.

Because of its flexibility, WordPress is being used by small businesses and large corporations to power their websites and blogs.

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